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Olympus SmartMedia (digital camera card)

Media: SmartMedia (digital camera card)
Storage capacity: 2-128MB
Approximate dates in use: 1995-2001
Comments: 8-128MB cards available. Once the cheapest digital camera storage media, SmartMedia seems to be losing out to larger, faster standards such as CompactFlash and other formats. The SSFDC Forum maintains a website dedicated to promoting SmartMedia.


CompactFlash Card

Media: CompactFlash (digital camera card)
Storage capacity: 8MB-3GB
Approximate dates in use: 1994-present
Comments: The CompactFlash Association maintains a product guide, as well as the media specifications.

Memory Stick

Memory Stick

Storage capacity: 32MB-1GB
Approximate dates in use: 1998-present
Comments: Flash memory card for Sony products. Similar in appearance to a stick of gum, designed for durability and short-term data storage. has created a FAQ about the media.

MultiMedia Card

MultiMedia Card

Storage capacity: 16-256MB
Approximate dates in use: 1997-present
Comments: MultiMedia cards can also operate in devices designed for SD cards. Advertised as being the smallest flash memory cards, they are approximately the size of a postage stamp with the thickness of about 1 mm.

SD Memory Card

SD Card (SecureDigital Card)

Storage capacity: 8-512MB
Approximate dates in use: 1997-present
Comments: The SDCard, or Secure Digital Card, is a flash memory card compatible with the MultiMedia card. SDCards contain "Content Protection for Recordable Media" (CPRM) copyright protection technology, similar to the DVD. The SDCard developers have created a chart comparing the SDCard to a variety of other solid state media.

xD Picture Card

xD Picture Card

Storage capacity: 16-512MB
Approximate dates in use: 2002-2010
Comments: To date, only Olympus and Fujifilm are producing cameras that use xD cards. The xD picture card is the smallest format to date, measuring 2 x 2.5 x 0.17 cm (0.78 x 0.975 x 0.066 inches) and weighing 2 grams (0.07 oz). Olympus xD Picture Cards were the only xD cards that support the Panorama function found on most Olympus digital cameras. As of 2010, Olympus is moving away from the xD card with the release of the E-P series cameras and all new Olympus cameras have the ability to use SD cards.

Solid state media size comparison
Note: Solid state media contains no moving parts. This is a size comparison for different formats of solid state media.