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French Language Version Translation by:
Canadian Heritage Information Network. Translated and adapted into French by Benoît Thouin, certified translator (Canada), TETRACOMM, Inc.

Italian Language Version Translation by:
Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale. Final revision by AIB's Digital Libraries Goup coordinated by Maurizio Messina.
Project Supervision by Marco Rufino and Matteo Paternò
Translated and adapted into Italian by Gabrielle Giraudeau

Development Notes

Last revision November 2014.
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August 2014
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August 2012
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August 2011
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May 2010
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May 2008
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December 2007
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April 2006
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April 2005
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November 2004
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Summer 2004
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December 2003
External review
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>> Tutorial public launch

Summer 2003
Tutorial internal beta launch