$$$$ Resources Framework

Neither the organizational nor technical infrastructures are sustainable without an ongoing commitment of resources. Institutions inaugurating digital preservation programs must define and demonstrate an adequate resource base that supports the processes necessary to meet program goals. Program goals, such as ensuring continuing access to vital digital assets, must be translated into specific deliverables, such as a three to five-year preservation implementation plan. Resource support might be indicated in the organization's budget through line item commitments, the designation of dedicated staff for the program, and strategic planning documents that project the cost models and associated funding scenarios to sustain the program.

The figure below places goals and deliverables at the center of a resources framework. Radiating out from them are institutional resources, including content, personnel, institutional commitment, space, time, and technical infrastructure. These elements will enhance or constrain digital preservation programs. The outer circle represents the processes or steps that encompass such programs.

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Needs wheel

Resources Framework: The figure demonstrates the organic nature of digital preservation, with interdependencies connecting goals, resources, and processes.