Although technology is a key element in digital preservation, we believe it isn't the greatest inhibitor—the lack of organizational will and way is. Despite the increasing evidence documenting the fragility and ubiquity of digital content, cultural repositories have been slow to respond to the need to safeguard digital heritage materials.

We developed this tutorial and workshop of the same name to address this notable lack of institutional response. Using the entwined themes of the requisite organizational and technological infrastructure and dedicated resources, we will address the establishment of a viable digital preservation program. At the core of the tutorial and workshop is an integrated model that combines the organizational context, technological implementation, and requisite resources.

The tutorial can stand on its own, but it has been designed to complement the workshop, which explores the issues introduced by the tutorial in great detail and helps participants design a viable digital preservation program for their particular institutional setting. The tutorial will introduce you to the basic tenets of digital preservation. It is particularly geared toward librarians, archivists, curators, managers, and technical specialists.

You will find here definitions, key concepts, practical advice, exercises, and up-to-date references. We also want you to have some fun, so be sure to visit the Digital Technology and Preservation Timeline and the Chamber of Horrors. Note the interesting facts and quick tips along the way designed to influence your administration and wow your friends. At the end of the tutorial, you should have an overview of digital preservation issues and priorities, be ready to explore the additional readings and the literature more broadly, and be prepared for the workshop.